A Message From our Pastors

Greetings Church Family & Friends—

We will be launching our new in-person services on Sunday, August 1, 2021! Our NEW in-person service time will be at 10 am starting on August 1st. Although this date is a few weeks away, we wanted to inform you now so you can begin to prepare your hearts and minds. We are excited and want you to be ready for the changes and the greater ministry opportunities the Lord is giving to our church!

When we launch this August, we will be spending time celebrating God's goodness. We will be rejoicing over His abundant blessings and provision despite the pandemic and allowing the Spirit to restore, encourage, and strengthen us together in God’s presence. We will then move quickly into our new outreach ministries to meet the needs of the larger community.

With a greater vision, fresh insight, and new God-given strategies, we are confident our church will have a far-reaching impact on this City in Jesus' Name (Jer. 29:11). We must do everything we can to demonstrate the power of God's love towards others.

Please stand with us in faith for God's continued best for you, your family, our church, and the City! Pastor K and I look forward to seeing you in August!

In Love,
Pastors Joe & Krystal.
“All things are possible to him that believes!”