Monday, June 5
Pray for openness to and hunger for the Word of God. Only an estimated 6% of people living in the United States embrace God’s Word as the defining element of their daily lives.

Tuesday, June 6
Pray for believers to rediscover the power of Scripture to strengthen, encourage and guide them. Amid confusion, clutter, and chaos, we must depend more than ever on the Word of God.

Wednesday, June 7
Pray for believers in the United States to be convicted and stirred to lives of greater godliness, greater evangelism, and greater missions focus.

Thursday, June 8
Pray for spiritual clarity. Among many in the U.S. who claim Christian affiliation, many also believe reincarnation is possible and that Jesus is not the only way to salvation.

Friday, June 9
Pray for a new alertness to the voice of the Holy Spirit. With an increased interest in spirituality, many in the U.S. are being lured, confused, and deceived by counterfeit forms of spirituality. May the Holy Spirit speak clearly to seekers, protecting their minds and drawing them to Jesus.

Saturday, June 10
Pray for men, women, and children nationwide to be filled with the Holy Spirit, so that they will be strengthened in their faith, encouraged in their spirits, and empowered in their witness.

Sunday, June 11
Pray for discernment. As spiritual warfare intensifies across the United States, may believers be alert, filled with the Holy Spirit, shielded by Scripture, protected by Jesus’ Blood, and fully covered in the armor of God.

Monday, June 12
Pray for God-given self-awareness and repentance. Jesus rightly cautioned against a desire to remove a speck from a brother’s eye without removing the beam from our own (Matthew 7:3–5).

Tuesday, June 13
Pray that believers will maintain clear minds and priorities, focusing on Scripture and the voice of the Holy Spirit rather than being swayed or distracted by other influences.

Wednesday, June 14
Pray for believers to have increased burdens for the spiritually lost around them, driving them to prayer and action. May we fulfill our scriptural responsibility to take the message of Jesus to our hometowns and to the ends of the earth.

Thursday, June 15
Pray for new and healthy connections between believers and those around them who do not know Christ. May the Holy Spirit enable compassionate, respectful and effective relationships that will result in salvation and spiritual growth.

Friday, June 16
Pray for the 98 unreached people groups living in the United States today. By the power of Jesus, may they be open to His salvation and made whole. May the workers God is calling to serve them respond with speed and boldness.

Saturday, June 17
Pray for the marginalized, lonely and isolated in the U.S. Jesus sees, knows and cares for each person, regardless of their circumstances. May He use His Church to help bring His dignity, help and love to every individual.

Sunday, June 18
Pray for victory over despair. Among youth and adults alike, symptoms of distress and brokenness are also on the rise with steadily climbing numbers of drug overdoses, anxiety and more.

Monday, June 19
Pray for those bound by addiction. May they experience not only freedom from addiction,
but also the spiritual freedom found only through relationship with Jesus Christ. May their families be strengthened and protected.

Tuesday, June 20
Pray for churches to be willing to reach out boldly to the LGBTQ+ community. May God move in the LGBTQ+ community, bringing hearts to repentance, mending what is broken, and loving with truth
and power.

Wednesday, June 21
Pray for people with disabilities across the United States. May the Lord meet them in powerful and personal ways — in their longings, practical needs, spiritual needs and sense of isolation.

Thursday, June 22
Pray for military veterans facing high rates of suicide and addiction, for their families, and for those ministering to them.

Friday, June 23
Pray for the preservation of young people’s faith. It is estimated that, nearly one-third of Christian youth give up their faith by age 30. May The Holy Spirit give them clarity of mind and spirit, enabling them to stand.

Saturday, June 24
Pray for children in the U.S., that each one will know the truth that Jesus loves them and wants to protect them from harm, both inside and out.

Sunday, June 25
Pray for Christian middle school and high school students. May they be strengthened in their faith in Christ, so that they will be wise, unwavering witnesses.

Monday, June 26
Pray for teenagers to embrace faith in Jesus and develop a clear biblical worldview. Some 45% of teens believe many religions may be true, and 61% say it isn’t necessary to believe in God to be moral.

Tuesday, June 27
Pray for college students. Whether they have never heard the gospel or have fallen away, may young people learn more about Jesus, be truly discipled, and gain a strong understanding of Scripture.

Wednesday, June 28
Pray for spiritual, emotional and physical strength for ministers, missionaries and chaplains and their families. May they be alert to the Holy Spirit and able to receive His comfort, direction and renewal as they carry out God’s work.

Thursday, June 29
Pray for Christian families. May they be divinely empowered to live functional, healthy lives that bear good witness to God’s intention and design.

Friday, June 30
Pray for the planting of new, vibrant and growing churches in both rural and urban areas of the United States. May a mighty move of God begin in these churches, resulting in closer relationships with Him and more souls won for the Kingdom.

Saturday, July 1
Pray for unity, including between churches. Within the U.S., even many believers have become starkly divided. But Jesus’ desire is for us to be one, as He and the Father are one (John 17:21).

Sunday, July 2
Pray for U.S. leaders to embrace God’s truth and lead the nation to righteousness. “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people” (Proverbs 14:34).

Monday, July 3
Pray that the U.S. will become a global spiritual leader, leading other nations to Jesus by example “Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD” (Psalm 33:12).

Tuesday, July 4
Pray for the authority of Christ to be made known across the United States. This nation belongs to the Lord and He will win the battle! “And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people” (Ephesians 6:18).